Thursday, October 16, 2008

September... and then October

So, the blogging has really dried up here at iBellum. But what else is to be expected, now that I have been sucked into the twin engines of work and school? Every spare moment is spent on thinking of shift routines and Petrarch's letters, profit and loss statements and More's "Utopia", disciplinary meetings with unionized staff and the themes and methods of Humanist Literature in the 16th century.

Really... when there is all of that, how could there be time for anything else?

But there are a few fun things to report:

1. Went to see Built to Spill again... they played "Perfect From Now On", and it was a fantastic show.
2. Celebrated my friend Ray's 40th birthday... and what a clusterfuck of wine drinking that was... I don't know if you're supposed to get that  hammered on multiple bottles of vino at a co-worker's birthday party with all his friends and family in attendance, but that is certainly what I did, and it seemed like we all had a good time. Granted, my perspective was somewhat skewed...
3. Snezan introduced us to "Underground", a titanic 3 hour film about Yugoslavia. Everyone should see this movie... they drink, yell, dance, lie, love, and suffer through 40 years of Communist dictatorship... and through it all they are constantly surrounded by gypsy street performers playing a drunken variation of the music "Beirut" is so clearly inspired by.... Awesome!
4. Bob Dylan released "Tell Tale Signs", and I think I might finally care to listen to Dylan again after a year long fascination with Neil Young. I haven't really gotten involved with Dylan's last two albums, and the brilliant 70's work by Young has taken up a lot of my time and interest lately... but this Bootleg Series always finds a way to share a new side of Dylan, and I like what I'm hearing.
5. My iPhone continues to run my life... I don't own it, it owns me.
6. As you can see from the picture above... I had a chance, after a doctors appointment, to bike by the MET and have a martini on the roof amongst a few works by Jeff Koons. A rare and lovely afternoon away from work.

And in the near future I will be attending a Dance performance involving a neighbor, midterms are fast approaching, and I am involved in a plan to actually take part in Halloween this year... the first time since I was 12. I will try to put up some pictures of that insanity after it all goes down.

So... that's all I have time for. I am now very late to work, but I felt a strong need to put something out on this blog. It's not very clever or well-worded... but its something to hold us over till I find the time and the passion to start blogging again.

Take care everyone.