Monday, August 25, 2008

August Recap

Well, its been a quiet month here on the ibellum blog... and there were good reasons for that. As the summer days began to fade into fall, a kind of frenzy over took me, and I tried to wrap my legs and arms around each day and struggle it to the ground and have my way with it. When such aggressive "living" is going on, there is little time to log on to a computer and comment about it. So, in the interests of world history, I've decided to recap a few highlights from the last month, in no particular order:

-Tapes&Tapes and the Black Keys in McCarren Pool Park
-Jessica's Birthday in Little Italy
-My Credit Card information was stolen for the first time
-Bob Dylan in Prospect Park
-Got an iPhone (and started to Loopt my life, rather than Blog it)
-Jessica's Softball team finished Second in the League this year
-Became even more obsessed with biking, and I'm about to ride to work for the second time this morning
-"Vicky Cristina Barcelona" was a masterpiece of a film... welcome back Woody!
-Teresa's, in Brooklyn Heights, was discovered to have cheap drinks and delicious pierogies
-Biked to the Astoria Beer Garden with Will, and discovered Miss Favela
-Watched them filming a scene of "Gossip Girl" at Columbia
-Finally started hanging out with our cool neighbors upstairs in 4C
-Welcomed Snezan to the neighborhood, and the hood is already better for it

Well... that's good enough, and I'm out of time. Peace in the Middle East.